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Our Mission

We have developed a simple and streamlined paid video platform.

Our service makes it simple for content providers and customers to communicate via live video chat. With one click, content providers can set their availability and customers can select specific time slots during which they would like to video chat.

Customers can also order custom one-off merchandise alongside their video chat sessions. All video chat sessions are recorded and saved. These recordings are then made available for download to both the content provider and the customer.


Platform Features

Live HD Video Chat With Analytics, Session Recording and Archiving

Our platform features high definition live video chat with detailed sales analytics. All of the video chat sessions are recorded and saved for future viewing.


Now Introducing Product Add-ons

Customers can now order custom one-off merchandise alongside their video chat sessions.

We are proud to offer a new service in association with EZMerch that allows our content providers to create and sell one-off addons to their customers alongside video chat sessions.


Getting started is easy.

Live Analytics

Simple content provider dashboard displays all of the details you need about your store.

Pre-Session Chat

Simple text chat functionality allows for efficient communication before the start of the video session.

Advanced Notification System

Our notification system automatically emails content providers and customers details about their video chat session.

Fulfillment Services

To save our content providers the hassle, VidSpeak uses EZMerch to fulfill and ship all addon merchandise.

Automatic Invoicing

Our billing system automatically issues detailed order invoices to both content providers and their customers.

Fully Secure

Our entire platform from the home page to the video chat functionality is fully secured and encrypted.

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